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Total Cost of Ownership comparison between Linux and Windows. ZDNet Australia.
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Linux is being tested by police forces around the world in preparation for large scale rollouts. ZDNet UK.
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World governments back Linux Development. ZDNet UK.
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The latest open-source KDE desktop software was partially funded by the German government. ZDNet UK.
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The Linux Uprising.
Backed by technology titans such as Intel, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell, Linux is just now going mainstream. Business Week Online.
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Lighter Networks is a company that is dedicated to providing IT solutions tailored for the small to medium business market. Our experience in both large scale corporate IT and smaller enterprise uniquely equips us to provide top-level professional support to your small business at affordable rates.

Lighter Networks is a amalgamation of a number of contractors with a vast range of experiences, from supporting companies with 55,000 desktop computers, to designing internet search engines and managing web servers, to providing end to end IT solutions to small businesses.

Our résumé's include:
Desktop support and network administration for Telstra, National Australia Bank, Canberra Hospital and several government departments.
Rollouts for Industry Science and Research, Defence and DoCITA.
Web server management for MLC, Amway and LendLease.
Network support for Health Insurance Commission, Health and Aged Care, MPL and IBM.
Software design for City First Solicitors, business.gov.au website, Australian College of Education, AusIndustry, EdNA, LawAccess and Rooney Shipping.

Harnessing this experience in conjunction with our focus on the SME market allows Lighter Networks to bring a level of support previously unknown by small businesses.

June News

The Carr government under newly-installed IT Minister John Della Bosca is conducting a review of its policies toward open source software.
by The Australian

Legally-mandated open source software is a step closer in South Australia, with a private members Bill that requires government departments to use it "where practicable" likely to pass the upper house.
by The Australian

May News

Linux heats up the enterprise apps space - Linux application support is growing at over 65% a year, more than twice that of windows application growth.
by The Register

Munich will dump 14,000 PCs running Windows and install Linux instead in what is one of the biggest moves away from Microsoft to date.
by The Register